Guildhall Pricing

v2.0 updated - Nov25 2008, Dugmaren


basic room10,000pp
inn, stable, store, bank25,000pp
auction room50,000pp
sector types 6-18+10,000pp
sector types 19+unavailable
room flags - general+10,000pp
room flags - heal+15,000pp
room flags - death, arena, safe, jail, has_trap
dockable, airy_water, solid fog, inn
doors - standard5,000pp
doors - lock & key+5,000pp
doors - nopick & key+10,000pp


guild badge - allows entrace past guardian5,000pp
boards (currently existing only)10,000pp
basic objects (fountains, tinker machines, shop items)10,000pp
magic objects (potions, scrolls, wands, staves)25,000pp
special objects** subject to approval and at staff descretion
* all items in your guild will cost 50% MORE then in any store in the world.

Thus if you wanted to sell a guild drinking flagon it would cost you 10,000 pp to have it added to your store, and then run you cost + 50% from a similar item in the world if you wanted to buy one in game.


basic mobs (training dummy etc. any race/flags)10,000pp
quest responses (as many as you want)+10,000pp
socials (as many as you want)+10,000pp
equipment (no take items, no extra cost)+10,000pp
guild magician (di, dm, fly, lev, mageflame, invis, bless, armor, vigs)25,000pp + 5,000 / spell
* mobs can NOT leave your guild, NOR can they be aggressive

The magician will charge a fee similar to ingame magician / magic items with a slight markup. Other spells can be negotiated.. maybe.

Awesome Extras

Resetting spawn to guildhall
Guildhall Relocate Beacons50,000pp
1 time only free

Not Yet

Guildmasters for training
Guildbadge atmosphere proc

Basic Package 50,000pp

  • free installation
  • 1 guild guardian (keeps anyone not wearing a badge out)
  • 1 badge per guild member
  • 1 time option to sethome in guild - not coded yet
  • 2 rooms + basic door
  • 1 inn


download text version
Torilmud forums guildhall thread

* all updates +10,000pp for my time
* all updates require YOU to do all the work of building mobs, objs, rooms etc.
* everything here can be changed at the whim of any staff member.